Staff Spotlight

Dominique Bell

image002Philadelphia Intellectual disAbility Services (IDS) is pleased to announce the winner of the 20th Annual Points of Transformation Supports Coordination Award of Excellence.

Dominique supports her individuals with her motivation, excellent judgement and for ways she inspires others with her exceptional work. She personifies the mission of Quality Progressions by her people driven, committed and progressive relationships formed with individuals with intellectual disabilities and their families. There are three particular situations with Mr. P, India and the B. Family that are examples of her excellent judgement and compassionate solutions.

Mr. P was a loving owner of a black Labrador Retriever who had passed away in the night. He was grieving over this loss but also concerned about what to do with his deceased pet. There were limited services in Philadelphia that would come to a private residence to pick up and dispose of a deceased animal. Dominique went into action to find someone who would take the dog to the SPCA and make sure the dog was lovingly handled upon removal. She remained with Mr. P, cleaned the house until it was odor free and offered needed support to Mr. P.

For years, India lived in a home where abuse was discovered. Dominique’s enduring compassion helped India transition into her new life situation. She worked hard to ensure that India had all the supports she needed to feel safe as her life had changed. She helped her with funds for clothing, applied for food stamps and find identifying information and work with the Social Security Administration. She met with India’s school to provide the needed supports and transportation. She talks to her every week and sees her often during the month.

The B Family was in a difficult financial situation. Due to a large water bill, the utility company was going to shut off the water in their home. Dominique worked to procure FDSS fuds to get the water to stay on. She worked with the water company to set up a reasonable payment plan for this family. Whether Dominique is supporting an individual with an unconventional problem, helping a person navigate life altering changes or ensuring that a family has the means to keep their home habitable, she demonstrates, compassion, motivation and excellent judgement in difficult circumstances.

Congratulations Dominque on a job well-done!