Staff Spotlight


awardThe Brighter Future Awards are awarded to individuals who made a difference in someone else’s life. Former staff members nominated Chaz E. for the “Self Advocacy Award”, and Theresa L from Mama Sugars Personal Care Home for the “Financial Advocacy Award”. They both won.

MAX Awards- a recently retired SC from QP was nominated by his then Supervisor and he was awarded the “MAX Excellence Award”.

The Alliance Awards- Is a very competitive award ceremony and a former staff member was nominated which is a huge honor.

Montgomery County Awards- Robert Muluh was nominated for all of the tremendous work he has done on behalf of Andy L!!! In addition, thanks to Robert, Kelly Brown has also been nominated!

Gorpu Miller- Montgomery County- Supports Coordination Award (nominated)

Dana Young- The Alliance- Team Spirit Award (nominated)


Daisy Christie (13 Years)
Kellie Ashlock (4 Years)
Paola Dejesus (3 Years)
Anthony Wilson (2 Years)
Brittany Carson (1 Year)
Daritza Santana-Rodriguez (1 Year)
Herimers Hernandez (1 Year)
Jessica Fox (1 Year)
Will Strupczewski (1 Year)
Alaysha Youmans (1 Year)

Danyelle Perry (13 Years)
Mary Kate Parson (12 Years)
Taylor Gonoude (1 Year)
Gabrielle Carson (1 Year)
Kelly Taylor (1 Year)
Taylor Blaney (1 Year)
Mariah Pong (1 Year)
Audrey Rodney (1 Year)