Staff Spotlight

William Strupczewski

image002Philadelphia Intellectual disAbility Services (IDS) is pleased to announce the winner of the 20th Annual Points of Transformation Supports Coordination Award of Excellence.

Will came to our agency with an open mind and heart and a desire to help individuals have a good quality of life and be in their community. He became a supports coordinator for Charles and the relationship has changed both of their lives. It has even helped guide Will to pursue a master’s program in social work.

Charles is 58 years old and until recently had not left his family home in over 15 years due to severe anxiety and agoraphobia. Shortly after Will began working with Charles, he began to receive waiver services through the PFDS waiver. Charles experienced severe tragedies over the past 10 years with the death of brother and mother. These factors exasperated his anxiety and contributed to his inability to leave his family home. He remained in 2 rooms of his house for the past decade.

Will recognized it was important to work in the spirit of the Life Course tool to address future planning for Charles. He began building a relationship with regular visits including two of Charles loves-singing and Klondikes. Margie was the older sister and now caretaker for Charles as well as another non-ID disabled sister, Linda, who lived in the home. Will recognized the love and connection with Charles, Margie, Linda and two other brothers not living in this home. The family shared their pride living in their Overbrook family home, their memories, and their Catholic faith. The family responded to Will’s care and soon understood the need for a next step for Charles.

As this trusting relationship grew, Will was able to address concern for Charles’ mental health. He reached out to PCHC and CBH for care and potential futures planning. During COVID, Marge, the main caregiver had a healthcare emergency. In the middle of this pandemic, Will would not give up until he found a successful residential move. He involved the family and a team of resources to help make this possible. Will used so many of the tools in the Life Course toolbox to help make this transition possible. But the biggest tool of all was Will’s heart.

Congratulations Will on a job well-done!